NEC Elections 2017

The election of National Executive Committee is scheduled for 11 am on April 1, 2017 at the office of Senior Superintendent of Police, Security Division Islamabad. 


The Guidelines for the Elections are as follows:-



All members of NEC will be elected for a term of four years as per section 22 of the constitution.

Elections will be held on one man one vote basis through secret ballot and where an officer holds more then one position carrying the right to vote, he/she shall be entitled to cast only one vote.

No member can hold more then one office as per rule 22 of IPA.

Candidates can file their nomination papers directly to the election commission through post or through email Postal address

Office no. 02, first floor Ghazi Plaza,02 Mozang Road, Lahore.

Email address .

Nomination can be sent on plain paper but it has to be signed by the candidate himself/herself and it must be proposed and seconded by members of IPA.


Office bearers to the following six positions shall be elected:  


1 )The President 

2)The Vice President 

3)The Secretary General

4)The Assistant Secretary General

5)The  Treasurer 

6)The Assistant  Treasurer 


Electoral College 

The electoral college for NEC candidates will be the members of National Council which includes:


1)The officers of Regional Executive Committees.

2)The officers of National Executive Committee 

3)The immediate past President

4)The immediate past Secretary General 

5)Any member represented at the permanent executive bureau of the IPA


Eligibility Criteria

As a matter of principle any member of IPA has the right to contest for one or more positions of NEC 

provided that he/she will have to retain only one position if he/she succeeds on more than one positions 

provided that he/she is a member in good standing which means that he/she has a continuous membership of IPA Pakistan section for the last four years (para 14 of minutes of meeting of National Council 2015)

provided that there is no enquiry or disciplinary action pending against him/her.



Filing of nomination papers 26th and 27th of March 2017.

Scrutiny of nomination papers by election commission 28th March 2017.

Declaration of the final list of eligible candidates 29th March 2017.

Submission of appeals against rejection of nomination papers if any 30th March 2017.

Issuance of final list of candidates 31st March 2017.

Elections 1st of April 2017.

(Please note that the time for each activity will expire at midnight for every given date)



The Secretary General of IPA Pakistan Section will associate one member of IPA from Islamabad with the Election Commissioner who is not a candidate himself/herself.He/She will coordinate with the Commissioner for the purposes of holding these elections purely on impartial basis.

9)All those voters who will be unable to attend the National council meeting for some genuine reason will be allowed to vote through email. The email address for this purpose is .

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